Hindu Kush – the Killer of Hindus

1,400 years ago, the Hindu civilization stretched from Afghanistan to Japan. Then, Islamic invaders attacked the Indian subcontinent and began to destroy one of the World’s Greatest & most ancient Civilizations. The history of the Indian subcontinent between 1000 AD and 16th century is the history of Hindus’ struggle for life and death. The Islamic conquests during that period are nothing but the victory of evil, mighty and the brutal. While many other people converted to Islam rather than be killed, the Hindus did not bow down into conversion gently. Whole cities were burnt down and the entire population massacred. Hundreds of thousands were killed in every campaign and similar numbers deported as slaves.

After centuries of slaughtering Hindus, in the year 1000 AD, Islamic invaders committed one of the greatest of their holocausts. The entire Hindu population of Afghanistan was annihilated. Not just a city full of Hindus; Not a few hundred thousand Hindus, but every Hindu man, woman, and child in Afghanistan. The region is still called the Hindu Kush – the killer of Hindus.

The Hindu Kush ranges run mainly through Afghanistan and Pakistan. Historically, the passes across the Hindu Kush have been of great Military significance, providing access to the northern plains of India. The Khyber Pass has been an important strategic gateway for most foreign invaders. Alexander the Great, Timur Lane, Mahmud of Ghazni, Nadir Shah – all attacked India via the Khyber Pass and other passes in the Hindu Kush.

The Kingdom of Gandhar (modern day “Kandhar”) ruled by Chandra Gupta Maurya was extended from Takshashila to Tashkent (corrupted form of Taksha Khand) in present day Uzbekistan. Ashoka’s stone tablets with inscriptions in Greek are still found in Kandhar and Laghman in Afghanistan. After the fall of the Mauryan Empire, Gandhar was ruled by Greeks. Some Greeks became followers of Buddhism and some of Hinduism. Two giants sandstone Buddhas carved into the cliffs of Bamiyan during the Kushan period. They were destroyed by Taliban in March 2001.

The last Hindu Shahiya king of Kabul, Bhim Pal was killed in 1026 AD. The heroic efforts of the Hindu Shahiya Kings in defending the northwestern gates of India against the Islamic invaders are described by Al-Biruni, the court historian of Mahmud of Ghazni.

Islamic invasions in Afghanistan started in 642 AD, but Hindus somehow kept their identity intact. Even if they were forced into conversion, they reconverted once the invaders left. But today Afghanistan is a Muslim country. How? Either all Hindus were converted; they were slaughtered or driven out.

The word ‘Kush’ is derived from Koshtar which means carnage or slaughter. The Hindu Kush clearly indicates the fate of the Hindus – slaughtered mercilessly in the region. Perpetual snow, harsh conditions, cruel captivators, long journey, and hunger killed millions of Hindu slaves while being transported to Moslem courts in Central Asia.

In 1398 AD, Timur Lane ordered the execution of at least 50,000 captives before the battle of Delhi and later his army butchered around 100,000 captives more. In 1568 AD, after the battle of Chittod, Akbar ordered the massacre of about 30,000 captured Rajput Hindus. During one of the many repeated invasions on the city of Herat in Afghanistan, which was a part of Hindu Shahiya kingdom some ‘1,500,000 residents perished’. Thus, the mountain range was named the Hindu Kush to remind the future Hindu generations of the slaughter and slavery of Hindus during the Islamic conquests.

What happened to the slaves who reached Central Asia alive? According to May-June 1993 issues of New York Times, the gypsies wandering in Central Asia and Europe around 12th Century were those Hindu slaves. Unfortunately, these gypsies have been persecuted in almost every country; the Nazis killed 300,000 gypsies in gas chambers. The language of these gypsies is identified as similar to Punjabi. The period of their wandering is also the same as the period of Islamic invasions.

According to an estimate, in past 1400 years, more than 100 million Hindus have been raked. Unfortunately, there is no official recorded history of these atrocities on Hindus. As a result, very few know these dark facts of our history. Why? The massacre of Jews by Hitler was recorded in History books and evidence saved in museums. The Allied powers, in fact, carried out a large-scale “de-Nazification” of Germany over generations after the World War – II. Today, the Germans are ashamed of their own history.

Why, then, is there no saved evidence of the Hindu genocide – the worst holocaust in human history? If Israel and USA can teach their kids about the horrors of Jewish genocide, why can’t the Indians teach their kids about the Hindu genocide? In 1982, the NCERT issued a directive for the rewriting of school texts – ‘Characterization of the medieval period as a time of conflict between Hindus and Moslems is forbidden.’ Distorting history to protect a particular community became the official educational policy! A further distorted version was introduced in the middle of the term, as soon as the Congress came to power in 2004. They did not even wait till the end of the ongoing year to introduce their distorted version of history.

The appeasement politics of the Congress has done injustice not only for the past generations but for the future generations too. So much so that our kids will never know the truth about the struggles of our forefathers! This is the true extent of the damage done by the Congress & its appeasement politics.

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