Every killed terrorist exposes anti nationals some more

Eight terrorists of the banned Islamic outfit SIMI escaped from high-security Bhopal jail recently. Of these, three had already escaped once from Khandwa jail before. All were achievers in their field i.e. terrorism. They were allegedly members of SIMI’s Abu Faisal module having links with Al Qaeda. The same module had a blueprint to assassinate PM Narendra Modi. Other expertise of these ‘innocent under trials’ were planning to assassinate prominent BJP and RSS leaders, Ahmedabad serial blasts, planting bombs in Surat, Chennai train blasts, 16 bank robberies in MP, Telangana and Odisha, plot to kill former Union home minister Sushil Kumar Shinde and his daughter, training of youth for jihadi activities, making and supplying of bombs, attempt to murder BJP councilor Pramod Tiwari  and many more crimes. While escaping from Bhopal jail they killed a security guard Ramashankar Yadav by slitting his throat. One of these SIMI terrorists Mehboob Guddu was accused of the triple murder of an ATS constable Sita Ram Yadav, a bank manager and a lawyer. Quite an achievement!

In the last few years, a strange pattern has emerged. Liberals, secularists, feminists interfere with all legal, state decisions sometimes in the name of legal technicalities and sometimes in the name of human rights and even animal rights. Not just Indian but international media has also become quite vigilant about happenings in India. Nothing wrong in that but they should pay some attention to the human rights violations and racism against blacks in their own country.

Our own journalists are creating sympathy not for the murdered security guard but for the killed fugitives. A person charged with serious crimes considered a threat to society is put in jail while his trial is going on. If an under trial is not guilty, he is not innocent either. Only when the judge had seen some merit in the charges would he put him in judicial custody. But the perception creators and agenda holders have other reasons to justify their logic.

Sympathize with terrorists because they have not been convicted but the moment their crimes are proven and punishment declared, the focus shifts to human rights. God forbid if the terrorists are given a death sentence, the whole cabal is activated. They start working over time, opening all fronts, using every available resource TV debates to build perception, candle light marches to draw attention and involving the common public, signing petitions, approaching international media and organization. They leave no stone unturned. Calling SIMI terrorists, under trials because their verdict was awaited are the same people who fought tooth and nail till the last moment to prove that verdict given in Yakub Memon case was wrong. Their hypocrisy is iconic.

No problem in thinking that they are the most humble human beings – kind-hearted, full of love for the whole humanity including animals. But the problem is that their feelings are selective, their love is artificial,  their views are partial and their ideas of freedom of speech and expression limited. Why do we not hear a single voice mourning the death of the security guard?

A handful of people are trying to create mistrust against the government, security agencies, armed forces and all organizations responsible for maintaining the integrity of the country. As per rule if a prisoner escapes from jail that too after killing a security guard, police has full right to shoot at the fugitive. But you kill one anti-national, a score of them rush out of the closet to defend him. With each enemy of India dying, they are exposed some more. They are like water in a bucket. You take some water out, the surrounding liquid rushes in. To the naked eye, the volume undergoes no change, but slowly and steadily, the water is indeed decreasing. Nationalists must nurse their vengeance and wait patiently for that empty bucket. And then fill it with what you will.

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