Demonetisation Tough, but Necessary Measure

A few days back, when the Indian Armed Forces conducted the surgical strike on militant camps in PoK, little did anyone know that the armed surgical strikes were not the only strike that PM Narendra Modi had planned. A much stronger and permanent blow was in the offing. When the Prime Minister announced demonetisation of large denomination currency notes of Rs. 500/- and 1,000/-; some sections of people in India and Pakistan were shocked beyond belief. Their devious plans, corrupt power and dangerous games were soon going to be a distant dream.

PM Modi had made an election promise of bringing back black money. It included the money hoarded in India, too! A parallel economy was being run in the country by corrupt politicians, dishonest businessmen and ISI sponsored drug & counterfeit currency mafia and underworld. All these fronts were demolished in one blow!

ISI and its main weapon against India, Dawood Ibrahim are suddenly bankrupt! ISI has been trying to damage Indian economy by pumping in counterfeit currency for quite some time. Dawood Ibrahim, though based in Karachi Pakistan, has strong hold in India. He runs an international empire of drugs, cricket betting, arms smuggling and other underworld activities. He has a strong hold in Indian film industry with many Bollywood celebrities on his payroll. Many take his help for their black money to make round trip via international tax havens to make it white. Last year Income Tax department burst a 1,000 crore hawala racket in Kolkata. 60 sacks full of black money in denomination of 500 & 1000 notes worth Rs. 50 crore were seized. The black money was routed for UAE and the Gulf countries.

Today Dawood must be a very unhappy man. So are entire opposition and media including Mamata Banerjee, Mulayam Singh Yadav, Mayawati, Arvind Kejriwal, Rahul Gandhi and his entire party. Demonetisation his hit them hard. 

Not that they support any action or decision of GoI, condemning the demonetization has personal connotations. Media is trying hard to project it as an impractical decision with dangerous repercussion. Some media houses (guess who!) are actually creating panic instead of giving information to the public.

At some places in UP, burnt and shredded currency notes have been found. No prize for guessing the purpose of accumulating so much black money in an election-bound state.

It is a well-known fact that Political parties thrive on black money. It is natural for them to oppose the decision while parting with their accumulated wealth.

Rahul Gandhi, for the first time in his life, visited an ‘Indian bank’ to show solidarity with the suffering public; as if after a comfortable life given by decades of Congress rule, Modi has made life hell for them in two and a half years. He must be used to visiting Swiss banks, understandably, with no queues; but he would be bewildered to know that we Indians are used to queues. We stand in queues at ticket counters, for boarding buses, trains and planes and at places of worship. Nothing new for us! But a person like Rahul Gandhi who is disconnected with Indian culture and Indian way of living may find this alien.

The common man is facing some inconvenience as was expected of such a major demonetisation. But my regular visit to the vegetable market was smooth. Some, in fact, accepted Rs. 500/- note, too! One thing I gauged from my interaction with people in the market is that everyone is excited, hopeful and optimistic. Their faith in the establishment has been restored once again. This is no small foot. This is a massive demonetisation.

Many countries in the world like Zimbabwe, Fiji, Japan, Philippines, Singapore have opted for demonetisation during the different economic crisis. India is a growing economy and government should take all measures to strengthen it. Black money accumulated since decades can be instrumental in giving a better life to the poorest of poor. Indians chose a nationalist government and PM Modi cautioned the public to brace themselves for some tough measures; as the mess created by the previous government was too widespread. Our little inconvenience today is paving way for a brighter future.


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