One Question Every Nationalist Wants to Ask Colors TV and Jessu George. Can They Answer This?

While watching the first episode of Bigg Boss 10 on Colors TV, a doubt crossed many minds when they saw a self proclaimed Hindu saint Omji Maharaj – Is he a saint OR a fraud has been deliberately brought into the show to portray Hindus in bad light?

In the very first episode during introduction itself, he came across as an outspoken fake saint, trying hard to impress people with his fake predictions and self praise. It became clear later on that he is also an abusive and violent person. He dresses like a Hindu saint, talks like an expert in Hinduism, while abusing women and manipulating things. Isn’t it an effort to stereotype Hindu saints?

This is not the first time that Colors TV is doing this. It is known for making serials on social evils of the Indian society such as child marriage in Balika Vadhu, child labour/bonded labour in Udaan, etc. Why do Colors’ serials always have a Hindu backdrop? Granted that Child marriages in some communities of Hindus is a reality, but so are other social evils in other communities, such as 7-8 years old girls sold to 45 years olds for marriage, Triple Talaaq, Halala, polygamy are also a reality in Islam. Why no program on that?

A Muslim man with four wives and their family dynamics can be a good story for a blockbuster family serial. Colors must think about it.

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Muslims of Meher caste in Rajasthan have a strange custom. While the men in that community can marry outside, girls are not allowed. So the girls have to marry whosoever is available even if it means a 25 year old girl marrying a 10 year old boy. Imagine a serial made on this story. It will top all TRP charts. Another suggestion for Mr. Jessu Geroge – Please conceptualise a serial around the life of Father Joseph Palanivel Jeyapal in Tamil Nadu and his misadventures with small kids. He was tried in a Minnesota court, served a very short prison term and returned to India recently. To everyone’s surprise, the Roman Catholic Church of Southern India has lifted the suspension against him.

Statement of Megan Peterson during the case:

Father Jeyapaul then told me that it was a sin if I didn’t cooperate. He raped me, both orally and vaginally… After he was finished with me, he told me that I had to confess. I had always been taught how wrong it was to have premarital sex. I felt as if I didn’t have a choice. So I did as he asked. Most mornings before school or in the afternoons following class, he would continue to rape me while I was in the confessional. Then he would give me penance.

Why does the protagonist always have to be a Anandi or a Chakor? Can’t she be a Megan or a Jakharia Khan?

Omji Maharaj is a fraud and supposedly has political ambitions as well. In an old video he claimed to be from Hindu Mahasabha but a phone call to Hindu Mahasabha confirmed that Omji Maharaj is NOT a member of Hindu Mahasabha. He had a small political party called Ojaswi Party and contested election against Arvind Kejriwal from New Delhi constituency during Delhi assembly elections.

Omji Maharaj has no control over his speech and actions but since he wears a saffron robe and quotes from Hindu scriptures ,all his action would be linked to Hinduism. Another subtle attempt to malign Hinduism.

Another upcoming serial of Colors ‘Devanshi’ is said to be based on the life of Radhe Maa, a godwoman. Looks like all anti Hindu forces have become active once again just before UP elections, like church attacks before Delhi elections and the Award Wapsi intolerance drama and Dadri incident before Bihar elections. The time has come for Hindus to recognise these forces, expose, and name and shame them.

Let them not win this time.

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