On Saturday 1st Oct 2016 China extended its technical hold on India’s move to get Pakistan-based JeM chief Maulana Masood Azhar listed as a terrorist by the UN, just two days before the expiry of the hold. An extremely calculative move by China as Masood Azhar is an important part of Pakistan’s terror assets and China will not do anything to disturb the trust that both countries have built based on mutual gains. So what if the whole world is facing the menace of terrorism. So what if the terrorists like Masood Azhar is a threat to the whole humanity.

China and Pakistan relations are the best examples of how greed for money, power, and supremacy can bring even opposite ideologies together. Pakistan is the Islamic Republic and China has no love lost for Islam. Burkhas are banned in China, people with long beard can’t ride public transport, Muslim shopkeepers are forced to sell liquor and government employees and their kids can’t go to mosques or observe fast during the month of Ramadan. Still, China and Pakistan are closest of allies. Pakistan’s foreign policy revolves around China and for China, Pakistan is pivotal for establishing economic and military supremacy in Central Asia, Middle East, Afghanistan and eventually Europe. Mutual benefit involves pure economics.

Firstly China is earning loads of money by exporting arms to Pakistan. Only a few years back the US and China shared an equal portion of Pakistan’s arms imports, 39%, and 38% respectively. Today China has 63% share and the US has only 19% share. China is world’s third largest arms exporter and as China’s biggest buyer of arms, credit goes to Pakistan.

Secondly, CPEC is a very ambitious dream project of China and role of China in the future of Central Asia, Middle East and Europe would depend on it. CPEC will hugely impact China’s industry and economy. The port of Gwadar in the Persian Gulf would provide China shortest routes to the oil-rich Middle East. 19 million tons of crude oil is estimated to be sent per year through CPEC after refining it on Gwadar Port. CPEC can be decisive in making China a super power. Gwadar Port eventually is feared to double as a naval base despite China’s assurance. 2000 Km of the road and $10.63 billion worth of rail infrastructure would change the socio-political scene of both the countries. Bankrupt Pakistan is ready to stake everything for money – from becoming an economic colony of China to giving it access to its own territories, Balochistan and Indian territories of Gilgit- Baltistan. China has already sensed the importance of mineral rich Balochistan through Saindak Copper-Gold Project. The mine is leased for a 10-year period to Metallurgical Corporation of China Ltd.

 Almost 10000 strong Chinese armies would protect Gwadar post, disturbing the political, social and economic fabric of Balochistan. Fearing that Baloch protests against CPEC have intensified throughout the world. Pakistan is oblivious to the plight of Balochistan and China has only self-interest in sight. Both are trying their best to keep each other in good humor as human rights, world peace and eliminating terrorism is not on their agenda. One is the breeding ground for terrorists and other is using its international clout to save them. No surprise then that Masood Azhar has a new ‘God Father’ ie China.

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