Babar-Lovers Can’t Stand Modi Talking About Hindus

Much before BJP came to power, many secular forces smelling BJP victory, started preparing the narrative that BJP would carry a pro-Hindu agenda and saffronize the whole country. In three years of BJP government, PM Modi has only worked towards achieving the development oriented goals. If we assess his rule till now his approach is very balanced towards different communities. He has worked well to maintain the secular thread of Indian constitution. PM Modi may not have acted to please the fringe elements of minorities like hosting Iftaar parties, he has not encouraged the fringe elements of the majority also. Maybe on the defensive, he is very guarded about Hindu issues. He has always maintained that he may belong to BJP but he is the PM of each and every Indian. In fact, if anyone stands victimized here it is the majority community. Hindus are being killed in many states but no tough action has been taken by the centre to stop that. So much so that PM Modi has never uttered a single word on the political deaths of Hindus. Now when during an election rally PM said that Hindus should have been treated equally by UP government, all hell broke loose.

The secular brigade, led by Congress and supported by media is calling the PM communal. Why? Does secular mean pro-minority? If minorities have rights, the majority has too. At least PM Modi didn’t say what Manmohan Singh had said- ‘Minorities have first right on country’s resources’. No one found that statement communal or unjust. Congress has always been known for its minority appeasement policies. Deprived and poor minorities serve well as vote banks.

There are thousands of incidents to prove the Congress agenda of establishing its secular credentials. But today I would like to highlight only one lesser known incident.

In 1959, Nehru visited Afghanistan. After his official engagements, he visited the Tomb of Babar, the founder of Moghul Dynasty. Babar, who loved Kabul’s parks and orchards, was said to have expressed a desire to be buried in Kabul as it was a part of Moghul Empire.

Natwar Singh in his book has written about the incident when in 1976, Indira Gandhi went to Afghanistan. While driving around Kabul, Indira along with Natwar Singh reached the tomb of Babar. Natwar Singh has written-

“They get down, proceed to the tomb and Indira stands still for a moment under the trees, with her head bent. Her aide follows, a few steps behind her.” Later she said, “ Natwar, I have had my brush with history.”

In 2005, Manmohan Singh’s two-day visit to Kabul had a visit to Bagh-A-Babar on his agenda. Accompanying him on that visit was Rahul Gandhi and Natwar Singh also. All three went to Babar’s tomb to pay homage.

Who was Babar? A Muslim invader? Why did Nehru, Indira, and Rahul think it necessary to visit Babar’s grave? What was the purpose other than pleasing Muslims and presenting a pro-Muslim image?

While endorsing a Muslim invader did Congress leaders think that a few kilometers away was another grave, the grave of Rajput king Prithviraj Chauhan. The grave of the legendary king, on the outskirts of Ghazni, is lying in shambles. No Congress leader ever paid homage to the Hindu king leave alone try to bring his remains back to India. Their secular front is only a mask to hide their love for Muslims. Congress can do a thousand things for minorities without the fear of being called communal but PM Modi’s one statement has made them attack him with the worst of language.

In last 60 year issues related to Hindus have taken a back seat. Since they are divided among themselves on the basis of castes, their political and social relevance has taken a beating. Time has come for Hindus to expose politics of division and appeasement and claim what is rightfully theirs.

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